Barbaresco/Barolo Dinner

Our plan was to enjoy wines of Piedmont in a more organized manner - to dive a bit deeper. And who better to do this than close friends. 

We began with the Produttori. The ‘74 spent most of the evening in the running for WOTN. perfectly resolved, it opened with notes of oyster shell, but soon showed more floral, with roses and herbs and perhaps thyme and mint. Mid was bright, with lovely cherry and earthy notes, hint of spice, elegant - one would almost think of burgundy. long delicious finish.  

The ‘82 was unfortunatery off. Dominated by soy and plum notes with a hint of spice. mid was lacking fruit and severely outclassed by the ‘74. 

The 2001 was in many ways similar to the ‘74, earthy and bright on the nose, with red berries and even cranberry in the mid. with time the fruit took a darker turn - toward plum. still quite tannic and the structure, while not obtrusive, is very evident. great potential and already a pleasure.

The ‘01 Brunate was such a pleasure. surely very young, but it was elegant, with silkier structure than the Produttori, sweet core of red cherry and blackberry toward the back. tangy and spicy on the finish - the tannins did dry the mouth a bit. I found this less offensive than others though - especially with food.

The 2011 showed the lightness and easy-going nature of the vintage, roses, strawberry jam and delicious bright acids, even if lacking power and stucture. quite delicious and it felt ready even knowing it’s youth. 

the 2006 was a different beast altogether… WOTN even at this stage - brooding sexy monster - with elegance and grace hard to fathom in a powerful wine. savory herbs, red and black cherry, well balanced already but surely in need of more time… simply a stunning wine.

Local salumi and home made pasta… that is truly heaven.

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